Continuous working can be boring and frustrating, to avoid such issue people usually play short games on their devices. These games help them in releasing anxiety and give a freshness boost. If you are suffering from same and not able to find any good games that can help you relive your stress than don’t worry we got your back.

Here we have brought two best online games that you will surely love to play whenever you are stressed. The names of these games are 1. Geometry dash 2.2 and 2nd is the flappy bird.

Geometry Dash 2.2

In order to play these games, you will need good control over your keypad. The mentioned games are not rocket science they are just an adobe flash game which helps release anxiety.

Geometry Dash 2.2 is the Number one game when it comes to online gaming in office and school. In offices and school, there are certain limitations to the websites that can be opened. So you don’t have to worry as geometry dash 2.2 opens in any restriction of wifi.


It is a simple game that is played by arrows only. There is a block which you have to save from the front coming sharp objects and as you move ahead in the game the level of difficulties also increases. It is somehow similar to temple run, the only difference is that no one is behind you like in the temple run game, here in geometry dash game the bad guys come from the front to destroy your character.

Flappy Bird

It is the second game in your awesome list of the games that help reduce stress and release anxiety. If you are reading this then you might already know about the game. so not taking any further time I would suggest you play the game and enjoy your day.


From the name you can easily understand that the game is about flying the bird. but it is not as easy as it sounds. The game flappy bird consists of many obstacles that you have to cross while trying to fly the bird simultaneously. You will know the difficulty when you actually play the game. It is a lot of fun.

Try betting your friends over these game scores and reward the winner to take this game to a whole new level. If you have left with any quires then please feel free to contact us through the contact us page or the given mail id. Have a Good Day.

Television channels have been the source of entertainment for soo many years now, And although Netflix and other internet applications have converted most of the television viewers, still there are many people who love to watch TV Shows Regularly, and for those are the app called Redbox TV been made. Redbox TV is an application that lets users to Watch Tv Channels of all the major country live for free on Android Phone. Read this post completely to know more about Redbox TV and its features.

Redbox TV

Redbox TV Features

Following are the highlighted features of Redbox TV.

  • You can watch unlimited Tv channels live for free, you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees to continue watching the TV Channels.
  • For supported channels, you can also switch on the subtitles while watching the channel.
  • There are 20+ Countries whose channels you can watch on Redbox tv live.
  • there are 30+ languages in which you can watch the channels.
  • You can use any video player of your choice to watch the channels.

How to download Redbox Tv for Android

You can easily install Redbox Tv on your android phone with the help of APK File of the app. Follow the below steps to get Redbox Tv APK file and install it successfully without any error.

  1. Download Redbox Tv APK from Redbox Tv official website.
  2. Go to your android security Settings and enable the Unknown sources option. This is a required step whenever you want to install any application through APK File.
  3. Now open the downloaded APK File and click on Install to start the installation process.
  4. Once the file is completed installation, you can open Redbox Tv from the home screen or the app gallery.

Hope it was easy to install Redbox Tv on your phone even if you are a new user to Android. If you got any error while installing, you can leave a comment here, we will respond to you as soon as possible. And for more android Tricks keep visiting TheCornershopblog.

Terrarium tv the most loved movies and tv shows streaming app shuts down, has it left its users to hang out in dry?. Offcourse not, Terrarium tv is not just any streaming application which can easily be let go, it urges a temptation which is irresistible by any movie lover in the world and moreover, it attracts people from all over the world to join terrarium community.

terrarium tv new update

Here are some ways by which you can bypass the new update and keep on streaming with terrarium tv. First, you need to know what is the new update about. A notification was pushed to the app on 11th of September in which the developer NitroXenon announced that the software, will stop working at the end of the month. People went crazy all over the world and started searching for terrarium tv app and thus it also became the 13th most searched keyword in the USA alone.

Note: If you are interested in something more amazing than Terrarium tv, You must check out Repelisplus app for android.

Keep on Streaming with Terrarium tv by the following ways

Method 1: Installing Old Version APK

This is no hack or cracks method of terrarium tv app. It is a simple method to download and install the old version of terrarium tv app. Download the old version of the app will help you avoid the recent shutdown update. Bellow are exact steps you need to follow in order to install the app without any error.

  • Step1) Visit the official website of terrarium tv app.
  • Step2) Look for the old version of the app mentioned in the apk page section of the website.
  • Step3) Click on the download link of the app and download the app into your android device.
  • step4) Once the app is downloaded into your device you can now install the apk by just clicking on it.
  • Step5) Once the apk is installed you need to turn off the auto updates of the app.

Terrarium Tv app is now installed in your device just like before but with access to all the features and content.

More Methods will be updated soon 🙂


Weather terrarium tv app is shut down or not it will be the number 1 streaming app. Here in this article, we have given details on how to use the app even after the rumors that the app has shut down. Read the article carefully and follow the exact apps to get terrarium app working again.It is updated every month so you can download upcoming updates of terrarium from our Site. Bookmarking this page or subscribing to push notifications will never let you miss the latest updates.

Android Phones are one of the best inventions in the world, and they are used more for entertainment purposes than the communication, and it’s also the reason for its huge success. Today in this article we will be discussing Vidmate Android App which is one of the most downloaded apps on the internet. You will also get a download link to the latest version of Vidmate in this page.

Vidmate app

Vidmate is an android application that lets its users download any online video for free. You can download the videos from almost all the big websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc using Vidmate. Read the complete list of Features below to know more about Vidmate.

Features of Vidmate

  • You can download any online video, even the facebook videos with just one click. When you install Vidmate on your phone, an option for downloading the videos will come on all the video streaming sites. you can also paste the URL of the Online video in the Vidmate app to start downloading it.
  • You can download the videos in the format you want, it saves the time of converting the videos to the file type you want. If you want to only download the mp3 file of videos, it’s also possible on Vidmate, select the file type as MP3 while downloading the video.
  • Vidmate is a very lightweight app, it makes the operations easy on devices that have low configuration too, it won’t hang your device.
  • Vidmate downloads the videos in Multiple parts at the same time which makes the downloading faster. And among all the available video downloaders Vidmate is the fastest.
  • One-click Download: You don’t need to follow a long procedure to download the videos, It will start its download in just one-click. The downloads are also resumable.

How to Download Vidmate for Android

  1. Go to Vidmate Official website and download the latest version Vidmate APK to your device on which you want to install Vidmate.
  2. once the apk is downloaded, make sure “unknown sources” option is enabled in your Android security settings.
  3. Now, open the downloaded APK File and complete the installation process.
  4. After the installation is completed, you can open the app from your app gallery and start using it.

Final Words

Hope You learned something new about your Android phone. Download the app immediately and use it for downloading your next favourite online video. Vidmate is very useful to those whose Internet speed is low and has a problem in watching the videos without buffering. And also download the movies from all the online streaming websites and save in your phone.

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